Family Law

Family law encompasses the various areas involved in a marriage or other family situation (Statutes).  Child custody, child support (North Carolina Child Support Guidelines), equitable distribution, spousal support and divorce can all be part of a marital situation.

Spouses have two options to resolve the various aspects of the marriage.  If they can reach a resolution on their own, they can sign a separaration agreement.  This is a contract and can be enforced by filing suit in court.  If the parties cannot agree on the various issues, a spouse can file actions in family court and seek a resolution by a judge.  The parties may be required to go to mediation before going to a trial.

Spouses can obtain an absolute divorce after they have been separated for more than one year with the intent to remain separated.  An absolute divorce can terminate some of the rights of the spouses.

Are you struggling with a custody matter?  Is your ex-spouse or ex-signigicant other refusing to let you see your children?  Has there been a change to your financial situation and you cannot pay your child support?  Ready to file for divorce?  Please contact us for representation for all of your family law needs. 

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