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Q:  “I sold my car to a neighbor for $6,300.  My neighbor was supposed to make $500 per month payments until he paid me.  He only made two payments.  He will not answer my calls or answer the door.  What can I do?”

A:  You would need to file suit against your neighbor for the remaining money owed.  Since the amount sought is more than $5,000, you would need to file suit in district court.  You may be able to repossess the car from your neighbor, but this depends on the contract for the sale of the car.

Civil law involves a dispute between two or more persons, usually involving money or property.  In North Carolina, civil litigation includes small claims court actions (where the amount claimed is $5,000 or less), district court, superior court and appeals.

Common types of civil litigation cases include contact disputes, personal injury claims such as automobile accidents, and family law matters.

While some people may be inclined to handle their own matter in small claims court, having our firm represent you in this forum can provide you with assistance to navigate the confusing system and may give you the edge you need to prevail.  Appearing in court can be intimidating and confusing and our experience enables us to advocate for your rights and protect your interests even in small claims court.

Common small claims court actions include claims for money and landlord-tenant disputes.   Magistrates preside in small claims courts.  Judgments rendered by a magistrate in small claims court can be appealed to district court where consulting with an attorney is highly recommended.

Representation in district and superior court are even more challenging for a pro se (without an attorney) party.  Civil Procedure, Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Evidence and local rules can be a nightmare for some people.  We can help.

Please contact our office with any civil litigation needs you have.  We offer assistance thoughout all stages of the civil litigation process.

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