Some of my clients suffer from Type II Diabetes.  This condition brings about a variety of symptoms and limitations.  Some problems associated with diabetes include diabetic retinopathy (eye problems), nerve pain (usually into the hands and/or feet), and lesions.  Fatigue is usually associated with this condition as well.   People experience varying degrees of these symptoms as well.  Some people suffer lesions on their feet or hands that require additional medical treatment, such as hyperbaric chamber treatment, to help with healing.  Many people suffer from the nerve pain.

For some people, their condition is not severe.  The person can get by with just diet and exercise.  Others, however, require medications, including insulin, to deal with their condition.

This new medication, Farxiga, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  The medication apparently helps people eliminate excess sugar via their urine.  See the full story by clicking “here“.