When a business or homeowner fails to take responsibility for an injury that was sustained on their property, they could be faced with general negligence.

General negligence can include:

  • Dog bites
  • Fall down injuries
  • Automobile accidents.

If you are seeking compensation from a negligent party that caused your injury, contact one of our general negligence claims attorneys in North Carolina at the Wickward Law Office.

North Carolina is one of only a small number of states that still apply the strict doctrine of contributory negligence. If a person’s negligence contributed to their injury during an accident, the injured party would not be entitled to collect any damages (money) from another party who supposedly caused the accident in the first place.

Our attorneys in Durham, NC understand that serious and catastrophic injuries have emotional, financial and physical effects on families. We strive to help our clients in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina to obtain the compensation necessary to move on with their lives. As part of that effort, we prepare every negligence case as if it were going to trial.

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