Durham Veteran’s disability attorney representing veterans throughout North Carolina.  William (Bill) J. Wickward, Jr. is an accredited lawyer with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and can represent veterans for their claims in all aspects of the VA administrative process.

Q:  I hurt my ankle during training exercises in the Army.  I received an honorable discharge.  I am still having pain in my ankle and my doctor says I need surgery.  The VA denied my claim saying I did not have evidence of my ankle injury in the military.  But my records were destroyed in the fire in St. Louis years ago.  What can I do?

A:  You can submit other evidence, whether medical or secondary, to support a claim for service-connected disabiltiy.

The United States military members deserve respect for their dedication to, service to and sacrifice for the people of this country.  Unfortunately, sometimes the fight does not end when they leave the military.

The Veteran’s Affairs oversees disabiltiy and medical claims, among other types of matters, for veterans.  If a veteran suffers an injury, contracts a disease or requires medical treatment for a condition as a member of the U.S. armed forces the vet may receive service-connected disability benefits.  Even if a vet does not display symptoms of the disease or condition until after separating from the militiary, the vet may be entitled to service-connected disability benefits (Regulations).  The monthly benefit amount depends upon the rating given to the veteran.

Unlike Social Security disability benefits, a veteran does not have to prove they cannot work to receive benefits.  A veteran can receive disability payments based on even small rating levels, such as 10%.  Often times, veterans suffer from multiple medical conditions.  The ratings they receive are combined based on a combination table to reach an overall disability rating for the veteran.  

Some veterans who are not eligible for service-connected benefits may be able to receive pension benefits.

Veterans’ Disability Attorney Fee

Free consultation for veterans’ disability claims.  A contingency fee of 20% for claims after the Notice of Disagreement is filed.  You pay no fee unless you are granted benefits.

Have you been denied your benefits?  Do you need help fighting this battle?  Contact our office for to talk to a veteran disability attorney.