Bill Wickward, Jr. is an experienced Social Security disability lawyer representing clients throughout North Carolina.  Attorney Bill Wickward, Jr. has  represented clients for both Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims.  He has successfully helped clients obtain the benefits they need.

As a disability lawyer, Bill Wickward, Jr. will provide your case with the personal attention it deserves.  Attorney Bill Wickward, Jr. will explain the process and help you present your best case.  He will evaluate your claim, submit evidence on your behalf and look for ways to get you the benefits you need.  Social Security Disability Attorney Bill Wickward, Jr. will provide you with competent legal representation and personal attention to help you through the process.

When you lose the ability to work, you may feel like you lost a part of yourself.  Some claimants develop depression when they can no longer work and provide for themselves and their family.  It is a difficult time. Disability attorney Bill Wickward, Jr. will provide you with the compassion you need during this difficult time.

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Q:  I hurt my back and my doctor says I need surgery.  I applied for Social Security disability, but they denied me.  I worked since I was 16 years old.  I cannot work now.  Why did they deny me?  I need money to pay my bills.  What can I do?

A:  In order to qualify for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits, you must prove you are unable to engage in substantial gainful employment.  When you have a back injury, you will need to prove that your limitations prevent you from engaging in any type of work.

I have heard this situation and many others as I have represented hundreds of adults and children seeking disability benefits.  I can help you too.