The Durham personal injury attorney, William (Bill ) Wickward, Jr.,  at Wickward Law understand how life-changing an injury can be. In cases of serious injury or wrongful death, life as you know it has changed forever. The attorneys at Wickward Law are here to offer hope to our clients. We realize that no amount of money could ever make up for the pain your have suffered as a result of a serious injury or death of a loved one. Our goal is to make sure you receive the benefits and compensation you need to recover from your injury; physically and financially.

Attorney William (Bill ) Wickward, Jr. provides legal assistance to people throughout North Carolina who have been injured or a seeking disability benefits. Attorney Wickward also practices traffic law, helping those who have been charged with traffic violations.

The legal challenges you are facing should not be dealt with alone. Seek the assistance of a patient and competent legal representative. Attorney Bill Wickward, Jr. strives to provide his clients with compassionate and quality legal representation. He is an experienced North Carolina lawyer who is passionate about advocating for people who are in difficult legal situations. Call Attorney Wickward today to discuss your case and obtain answers to all your pressing legal questions. Seek the guidance of a hardworking and dedicated legal counsel, call Wickward Law Offices today.


“I am very pleased with the representation I received from Mr. Wickward.  He was very kind, knowledgeable, patient and professional.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone.”

                                                                                      Gideon J.