Attorney/Representative’s Fee

Wickward Law Office offers a free consultation for Social Security disability claims.   The attorney fee for representation in these cases is a contingency fee.  This means you do not pay an attorney fee unless we are successful in helping you obtain benefits from the Social Security Administration.  In 2014, the fee is 25% of the past due benefits or $6,000, whichever is less.  In most cases, the fee is paid directly to our office by the Social Security Administration.

The fee is paid from the past due benefits.  This amount depends on the onset date of your disability and the entitlement date.  No fee is taken from the ongoing monthly benefits.

Costs are expenses advanced by Wickward Law Office to pursue your claim.  These include medical record costs and travel fees.  Costs are relatively low in most cases.

Have you been denied Social Security disability benefits?  Bill Wickward, Jr. is a Social Security disability lawyer who will work hard to obtain a favorable decision for you.  Attorney Bill Wickward, Jr. is located in Durham, NC, but can handle your case anywhere in North Carolina.  He has experience in all of the hearing offices in North Carolina.