Powers of Attorney – Types

A power of attorney is an instrument whereby a person designates another to act on their behalf in accordance with the instructions in the document.  There are various types of powers of attorney such as a healthcare power of attorney, general power of attorney and limited power of attorney.

General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney (POA) is where a person appoints another to act on their behalf for various activities and transactions not health related.  A POA will take effect upon its execution unless otherwise specified.  A POA can be “springing” meaning it does not take effect until a person is deemed incapacitated or incompetent.  A POA can be a durable POA meaning it does not cease to be effective upon a person’s incapacity or incompetency.   All powers of attorney cease to have any effect upon the executor’s death.

Limited Power of Attorney

A limited power of attorney can be executed to give authority to another to act on one’s behalf for a specific purpose, such as selling a car.  The instrument can be limited in scope and time.