Why People Avoid Estate Planning

Estate Planning seems like a daunting subject to many people. According to a Fox News article, 18% of people find it too depressing to discuss end-of-life plans. The article also notes that only 34% of people surveyed have a will.

One reason people fail to create an estate plan is they do not want to think about finding a guardian for their minor children. This is an extremely difficult decision and not a pleasant process. However, it is necessary and is wise to protect your children and your estate.

Another reason is they feel the task is too overwhelming:  figure out assets, values, taxes, debts, who gets what, how to give it, etc.  What form do I use?  Will or trust?  What kind of trust?  How do I avoid probate?  How do I avoid or limit tax consequences?  You may have lots of questions and feel finding the answers is too much work.

With an estate planning attorney, you can devise a plan to fit your goals and provide for your family or distribute your estate they way you want.  Contact Wickward Law Office for your estate planning needs. Wickward Law can send you a form to list your estate assets and debts to get started on your plan.