This story shows what is wrong with schools today.  We should be encouraging children and supporting them when they take steps of courage and support for others.  Instead, Caprock Academy in Grand Junction, CO, is telling a student, Kamryn, that she cannot return to school because she is in violation of the school dress code.  What did she do?  She shaved her head in support of her friend 11 year old Delaney who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a child hood cancer.  Delaney recently started chemotherapy and Kamryn wanted to support her.

English: Grand Junction, Colorado skyline

English: Grand Junction, Colorado skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should school officials not be supporting and encouraging this act of kindness and caring?  Talk about draconian enforcement of a code for the wrong reason.

Schools are not only failing our children academically, but are failing to teach lessons when the opportunities arise.  If Colorado focused more on education and less on pot, maybe things would be different.

I say, “Way to go, Kamryn!!”  You showed compassion and courage.

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