VA Healthcare Issue in Phoenix, AZ

The Secretary of the VA announced he was putting three officials, including the Director of the Phoenix, AZ VA Healthcare Office, on administrative leave pending the investigation.  How will this investigation and these suspensions impact the continuing healthcare of veterans in Arizona?  Families have been speaking out about the matter.

New Problems for the VA

In a recently released government report, the VA cannot account for more than 1.5 million veteran consult appointments.  The VA has no way of accounting if the veterans ever received treatment.  The VA has either lost or destroyed more than 1.5 million consult records for veterans.

Additionally, the Government Accountability Office, submitted

Logo of the United States Government Accountab...

information that 3 in 10 have been waiting an average of 140-210 for a gastroenterology consult.  Also, at another facility 4 in 10 veterans were waiting 108-152 days for a physical therapy consult.  Consider if these veterans had surgery and they had to wait this long to get a physical therapy consult after the surgery.  This could potentially cause malpractice claims as the veterans would be in jeopardy of additional damage from not getting therapy in a timely fashion.

VA Disability Claim Backlog

Currently, there are 319,363 claims for VA disability that have been pending over 125 days.  The appeals are taking even longer to process.

All of this information flies in the face of the survey conducted by the American

Customer Satisfaction Index where they concluded that the customer satisfaction for VA Healthcare is the best in the nation, even above private hospitals.  (Click here for the story).

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