Your Vote Counts!

Local school board elections are upon us.  Signs are everywhere for the candidates.  In the past I did not pay as much attention to the local elections as I should.  However, with children in the public schools, I am realizing more and more the importance of the members of the school board.

Look at Wake County, North Carolina school board’s fiasco with the change in busing policies and allegations of segregation and racism.  The issues there continue to linger.

In Durham County, North Carolina, Dr. Eric Becoats offered his resignation in December, 2013, amid allegations of misuse of a P-card for personal items.  Also, an audit revealed $15 million more in unassigned funds than originally thought by the board.  The Board Chairwoman said Dr. Becoats provided bad financial information to the board.

It seems the Durham County School Board should have known this was a possibility from Dr. Becoats.  For in 2003, he was reprimanded by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board for some school board policy violations.

Additionally, Durham Public Schools is under fire for excessive suspensions for minority and special needs children.

These incidents showcase how important the local elections are and how each vote matters.  These elections are not usually held with the national elections and are overlooked by many.  However, they are extremely important as the board members for the schools make major decisions for many children in each county.

I encourage each reader to do your homework on the candidates and vote.